A mother's love

Last night, I went to a therapy session.

Well, technically it was my sister-in-law’s Greek theme birthday celebration, complete with therapy in the form of plate smashing.

All three kids went for a sleepover. At the one house. Yes, there is at least one other out there crazier than me – and worse, she’s actually happy to take on other people’s kids. Even a just-recovered-from-fever toddler, with no qualms. She insisted!

Nuts, I tell you.

Anyhoo, she had them and said not to pick them up until the next morning. This also helped me to remember it was daylight savings ending time, because I had to get the kids at 9.45am and I was gonna leave it as long as possible.

Then after a day of everyone desperately needing some catch up sleep, but no one getting any, least of all the toddler who went through such a vast array of ingenious attempts to be removed from his cot (that he can climb out of when he really wants to)

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