A Mother's Mind

“Mum,” asks Godzilla. “What’s kulcoolalumpf” mean?”

“Um,” I reply. “I don’t know. I can’t say I have ever heard it before.”

“It’s a word I made up,” I am informed. “But I don’t know what it means.”

And he skips off.


And that is the sound my brain makes when it implodes.

(I am unsure of the spelling of the made up word, sorry.)

3 Replies to “A Mother's Mind”

  1. LMAO!! That is so funny!! I have a wonderful child just like that! He comes out the other morning (toothbrush and toothpaste in hand) and says to his big brother ‘what’s awesome + awesome’ his brother says ‘I dunno mate, what’s awesome + awesome’ he takes his toothbrush out of his mouth, says (in a manner of *geez, you should know this*) ‘2 Elephants! Coz elephants are AWESOME, and 2 can live together & be happy’ casually turns around and heads back to the bathroom to continue getting ready for school……………….

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