A new low

For quite some time now, like most of 2009, or perhaps all of it, I can’t recall, it’s all blur, I’ve been listening to Monkey Boy go on and on and on and on and .. (you get the picture) … about Lego. Lately, the Star Wars kind.

The last few months, in the leadup to his birthday and Christmas, it began to sound like, well, to be honest, white noise. I even started singing the song to him when he was talking Lego at me.

Today however, I admit it, I reached a new low. The gripe was that he found a set that he didn’t have, didn’t even know existed till he saw it on the clearance shelves at Kmart today, and tried to put it on layby and was told that “we can’t put clearance items on layby”.

I was gutted for him. He’d taken initiative, he’d made the choice and he’d taken action and asked for what he wanted. All without throwing a tanty or being a smartarse! Probably coz it wasn’t me he was asking, but the spotty high school student who served him. The gutting didn’t last long. It lasted about 30 seconds into his rant about how Kmart sucked and how he was gonna sue them because they’re stupid, and about how great this set was and he didn’t have it and he really wanted it and it was going to go really well with his other sets and it had things in it he didn’t have already and they would have made the army up really well and … and … and ….

He went to a friend’s house in the afternoon, which gave me some respite, and pretty much picked up where he left off upon his pickup. An evening meal satisfied him enough to drop the Kmart rant and continue one of his many discussions he has at me about Lego. In general.

Along with losing my will to live at these times, I appear to also have lost the ability to fashion my face into some arrangement that looks as though I’m actually interested and listening. Like it had been over-botoxed and I was literaly incapable of displaying any sort of emotion at all. Even boredom. I believe I nodded at times, but feel that these times were inappropriate.

It’s not been this bad before. I even contemplated standing on a piece of Lego lying in the middle of the hall at 2am in bare feet whilst on my way to the loo. Just beacuse, frankly, its far less painful than this incessant talking at me about it.

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  1. Oh, I get that, too… Constant Lego/Star Wars chatter. Although mine is only 7 and often a firm “That’s enough! ” works to stop the flow. Maybe you should invest in some ear plugs….

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