A New Milestone

I do believe I have reached a new milestone – a Parenting Milestone.

It’s not just a Mothery Milestone, because my darling beloved is also experiencing the same progress as I. To be fair, however, I’m going to claim this one as Grumpy Pants has been privy to this milestone for many years.

Yes, I am now Officially Ignored.

I probably should have seen this particular development occurring when, the night before school started back, the same night that was the Night Before The First Day Of High School, Monkey Boy went to bed without so much as a “g’night”.

There was definitely no Goodnight Kiss as was the tradition and the nightly routine.

I thundered down the hall upon realising I had been deprived of a peck on the cheek (you know, some hour or so later when I could drag myself off the couch, deflated from the realisation that my Biggest One is now a High School Kid) only to be confronted with a Closed Bedroom Door!


I ask you?! What is going on?

“Is your door closed because your a highschool kid now? Is that why I didn’t get a goodnight kiss, either?” I enquired.

It was, he told me with a bit of a smirk, but really, I think he was just super pissed with me because he’d been an arse and had effectively been grounded for that day so wasn’t speaking to me.

But last night … last night as I went to bid him a good sleep before I toddled off to bed, I asked for the ninth time that evening “Is your bag fully packed and organised for tomorrow?”

It is an Official Law that I installed in the Daily Routine of Things and he was to obey it.

“Yeah,” he tells me.

“Except my sports uniform,” he says, caving under my Are You Sure Glare.

I make him get up and find it, in one of the three washing baskets, quivering under the immense weight of thirteen loads of washing.

“This is why!” I tell him, not bothering to elaborate as “this is why” requires no further information and is an explanation all of its own. Everyone knows that.

Although he was completely organised, bag packed with all his required school-type paraphernalia this morning, I realise it’s been happening for about a week now.

He’s ignoring ALL my suggestions, advice and recommendations.

I am now, officially, Mother Of A High School Kid and destined to be ignored for years to come for now I Know Nothing and Things Are Different These Days.

Et cetera

I don’t know if I should feel sad or delighted.

Maybe I will celebrate this milestone with a bottle of bubbles, anyway.

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