8 Replies to “A Nice Surprise”

  1. OMG! You guys that’s amazing! I am just so proud of you and happy that your work is being recognised. Bestest of luck soul sister xoxo

  2. Congratulations on being named a finalist! I also got the email that I am a finalist in the category of Positive Life Change.

    Like you I talk about mental health and other issues. My blog helps me survive and to be recognised is an honour.

    Another positive is that I’ve found other blogs, like yours, that I didn’t know about before!

    Congratulations and good luck!


    PS: I didn’t believe it either. I kept checking and rechecking to make sure Bupa had sent the email to the right person!

  3. Thank you so much guys, and for your support.

    Vanessa, will you be coming along on the 12th? I’d love to meet you! Loving that you had the same reaction as I did! LOL

    It is fabulous to have it recognised 🙂

    Carly, it is SO awesome! There is some fabulous company we are keeping, and to have been a finalist with you is mindblowing (I never thought I’d make it to your calibre! You are truly awesome!)

    I can’t wait for next week now! LOL

    Thank you, thanks for reading and all the rest of it. It is truly appreciated xox

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