A Night Out and the Tooth Fairy Makes a Visit

Tonight, after starting the morning listening to my eleven-year-old his Yet Another Complaint About Tardiness of Tooth Fairy and subsequently forgetting to remedy the problem post haste, then doing a gajillion little things on my list that really did achieve quite a lot, but felt like nothing, I am on my way out to the Digital Parents Conference Dinner.

I didn’t actually make the conference, but I was damned if I was going to miss the dinner.

Of course, what with being crazily busy, my legs and underarms had been neglected again, and the only outfit suitable was, of course, sleeveless (but not legless – phew!). Part of my getting ready routine, therefore, would require an underarm wax. Yes, I could shave, but Grumpy Pants is getting cross with me using his razor … just saying.

Grumpy and three offspring where happily beating the crap out of each other

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