A non-bakers delight

Monkey Boy has been doing Food Tech this year at school; a subject we referred to in the olden days as Home Economics.

Whilst he has no glaring talent for cooking, he is doing rather well at the subject. As he should; we beat him daily and make him cook. No, not really, but he is involved in preparing meals at times, because he has worked out that if he cooks, he gets to eat what he wants.

Thus, in end of year activities week at school this week, he opted for Christmas Baking as his choice of activity for today.

Bags of stuff came home with him today, including but not limited to a Mad Man Who Likes Wearing Blue Socks and A Man With His Head Shot Off.

Christmas Baking

He also made a batch of Mince Pies, but without the fruit mince as he doesn’t like it, so they were filled with apricot jam instead. So not mince pies at all, really.

Christmas Baking - not mince pies

Monkey Boy can also be a little … how shall I say it politely? Possessive? Hmm, no “dictator” feels more accurate and doesn’t much like sharing stuff that is “his”, even if he has no intention of eating/playing/using it nor has the time to eat/play/use whatever it is. Thankfully, Baker’s Delight had sent me a sample of their fruit mince pies and an entire Christmas cake to consume before Christmas and possibly assist me in managing my stress levels.

Bakers Delight Mince Pie

Although, they also, inadvertently and accidentally, contributed to one of the major causes of my stress; sending the five-year-old into a tantrum because he wanted a mince pie instead of lunch. He even went so far as to declare he was never, ever, ever going to eat lunch again, and that lunch is banned in our house.

Once the mince pies were let out of their packet, however, the kids were most impressed and declared I was “the best mum ever”.

Well, for 58 seconds at least.

Chippie consumed two mince pies, the rest of us only got one each. Even “I Don’t Like The Fruit Mince Bit” Monkey Boy consumed one. Which is … weird. Even Godzilla, the one of my kids most likely to turn his nose up at stuff ate one and requested more.

Baker's Delight Mince Pies

In short, scrumptious and eaten by all.

The cake … Oh, I love fruit cake and Christmas cake and Christmas pudding and with a dollop of pure cream, this cake was scrumptious. FULL of flavour – quite a strong flavour, just so you know – and very nice with a post lunch coffee and as dessert and breakfast (full of fruit, so it’s gotta be good for you, right?) and, well, it didn’t last till Christmas day.

For those of you whom, like me this year, is severely lacking time and headspace to whip up these sorts of baked goodery and would like traditional Christmas fare to go with the multitude of Christmas festivities you are potentially partaking in this year, then I recommend popping down to your local Baker’s Delight and getting your hands on some or face the next decade of Christmases being labelled as the Grinch and/or constantly reminded how you never got into the Christmas foody spirity.


No photos of the cake, sorry. It all got … um … eaten …

Disclaimer: I was not paid any sort of monetary or financial reward for providing my opinion on these Baker’s Delight products – and it is my opinion and experience – but was provided with a 6-pack of mince pies (and not bottles of vodka) and a Christmas cake to eat. Nom.

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