A normal day in the life of …

Some days, I do wonder why I bother to plan anything nice at all.

And then, sometimes, I’m glad I did it anyway.

Yesterday was a disaster, so surely I’d used up all my bad Karma and today was going to be good.

Lots of people were going to turn up at the walk and we’d all have a lovely day and have created something lovely in the community.

I woke up to a noise I didn’t want to hear.

Surely, it can’t be raining. It hasn’t rained for months. Why today?

But, no, its ok. It was just very windy.

Right before it started to bucket down!!!


But the walk was going ahead anyway.

Sadly, the rain kept the crowds away, but the sun came out right on time, and the group we had had a lovely walk.

Monkey Boy was still unable to grasp the concept of “not too far ahead” on his scooter, despite the training leading up to today.

And right now, I could quite happily sleep for a week ….

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