A note to self

Note to Self: Please, PLEASE remember to take Chippie to childcare today!

School holidays are on, we’ve had lots planned and childcare doesn’t stop for those of us who lose their minds.

Two of the days he’s missed have been public holidays. Which is a good thing. Actually, its not, because it’s those days that we actually remembered was a childcare day.

One day, we remembered in time, as I was lying on the bed playing aeroplanes with him and accidentally smacking his head into the headboard. It was his fault. He is a Kamikazi Pilot and overbalanced and I couldn’t catch him properly. Which reminded me he had childcare.

We took him just in time for lunch and he had a mammoth sleep session that day. So he probably would have been quiet at home. Nevermind.

The next one, well we remembered all week, every morning. It was New Year’s Eve and we had people coming for dinner. We remembered when we were walking up the street, post lunch, and figured as it was his bedtime we might as well just not bother.

This morning, however, I ensured I not only put it in my phone/mind but also set the alarm and wrote it in the organiser (the last 3 sessions haven’t made it to the organiser as we had about 13 different plans for those days, none of which came about and they could have been written in).

In a fit of over-exuberance, I had the time he went set for a good half hour earlier than usual, and the timer set an hour before hand. Thus leaving plenty of time between the reminder and him getting dressed for anything to happen that would enable us to forget.

We didn’t. Mostly because we spent the morning reminding each other every two minutes that he had to go.

We even utlised the opportunity for a post-excessive-eating walk and dropped him off where he got all clingy and didn’t want to go.

Hmmm. Quite possibly because he’s forgotten what the place looks like.

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