A Parenting Win; Serial Killers & Axe Murderers

I’ve always been worried about the outcome for my children.

I managed to get pissed out of my head when I was pregnant, but in that period before you know you actually are pregnant.

I think I ate some brie or fetta or something with at least one of them.

All three were C-sections, all three required supplementation with formula before they were six month’s old.

They went into their own cots when we arrived home from hospital, and they were subject to the trauma of transportation in a pram and not strapped to my unwelcoming body for hours at a time.

I yelled and cried in front of them, as much as I laughed and sang.

The Littlest One doesn’t even know who The Wiggles

3 Replies to “A Parenting Win; Serial Killers & Axe Murderers”

  1. Ah, that’s where you went wrong. he got a prize for the nipple biting.

    Fucked him up completely right there! 😉

  2. How teh fuck did you keep Littlest away from The Wiggles??????

    And you have a sewing drawer? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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