A Quiet Family Afternoon, Police Pursuits and Donuts

My family and I were involved in a minor car accident yesterday afternoon. No one was injured, and we’re all fine. It did, however, result in a car chase, police involvement and three hours at the police station to give a statement. They lovely police offer who took my statement wasn’t much chop on the computer, and we had a chat about being a police officer, and what being a writer was like (me, not him). I also discovered that police statements are exceptionally boring, and my mind has the ability to create – stories, scenes, dialogue, excitement – of its own accord.

Given I was forced to endure three hours with a bad typist giving my statement on a minor-ish incident, I have chosen to give another statement here, that is hopefully much more exciting. For the purpose of good story telling, I may have embellished slightly. Ok, a lot …

Another intense pain shot through my lower back.

I’d coerced the children into massaging it for me, but knew the pain was a result of three days of lots of sitting and very little physical activity. Despite an overpowering urge to indulge in an afternoon nap, I felt the best thing to do was go for a walk. An amble. To meander along a beach, or perambulate the local river … get out of the house and wander aimlessly.

Besides, boredom was setting in and cabin fever had settled upon the household. Homicide was imminent in one form or another, should we remain housebound.

My Darling Husband leaps into action, and informs us

7 Replies to “A Quiet Family Afternoon, Police Pursuits and Donuts”

  1. You are awesome! Your superhero costume would clearly come with horns and a bling encrusted mad cow on the back.

    Also glad no-one was hurt.

  2. That was an awesome read, i totally enjoyed reading, all the while thinking “Omg what a horrible thing for you and your family to go through!!”
    It was funny to read your embellished version though, as always a great read MC!! xo

  3. Although when I got your message yesterday I was insanely concerned I think I may have wet my pants just reading this recount. You are hilarious but very grateful that you and the family are ok. xo

  4. Well done you! Don’t you hate it when the phone does that to you? Mine is usually found to have about one cell of battery in situations where it is really required. Due to the excessive play g of games on it by children!

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