A Review: Skylanders Giants Are Here

After a sneak peak / See How Many Jellybeans I Can Eat In One Sitting session last month, thanks to Skylanders Giants, a package arrived on our doorstep and I had even more Bribery Fuel to utilise on my kids – hurrah!

Yup, the Skylanders Giants had arrived (and were, in fact, released into the world last week, where I’m sure parents all over Australia were nagged into submission and stores were pillaged and plundered so little hands could get hold of this new series of characters for the Skylanders game).

Basically – and the important details – it is a follow up to the popular Skylanders Game, which introduced Spyros and his adventures twelve months ago, and brings forth 16 new (giant) characters, new powers, new playgrounds to explore and challenges to be had, and new tech returning favourites.

The ‘old’ characters can immerse themselves in this new version of the game, and interact with the new.

If you’ve already got the portal, you can get your hands on what is referred to as a “Portal Owners Pack” which contains the game and a Skylander Giant, but you don’t need to purchase a brand new portal starters kit.

You just need the game (the disc itself) in order to play the new Giants. The old Skylanders can play on the new game, but the new Skylanders can’t play on the old (but can on the portal – confused yet? Sorry!)

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