A Review: Skylanders

Some days I get bored. And others I just like to fuck with my kids’ heads.

Last week was one of those days. The postie arrived with a parcel for me. Terribly exciting. But that’s because I really need to get out more often.


Anyhoo, it contained a Skylanders kit for the Wii, complete with portal, three skylanders and – my favourite bit – batteries! Because I know we have some … somewhere …

I’d been to see a pre-launch preview of the game a while back, and now had the game for real to play with.

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  1. The skylanders have arrived at our house also, along with a long list for santa of other skylanders we would like…

    I think the tech in this is MIND BLOWING. The ability to transport data via the RFID is a far bigger leap in gaming tech than anything in recent memory… imagine having your COD data saved in some dog tags you wear, get to your mates place and keep playing… let alone the ideas this opens for applications outside of gaming…


  2. Pretty cool how the physical portal and figurines interact with the game on the screen, without having a motion-detecting console, couldn’t work out for the life of me prior to purchase how it all worked, didn’t say on any of the websites I looked at (which was disappointing IMO), until I purchased, was instructed how to put it together and had an a-HA moment.
    My DS LOVES it.
    And it pays to shop around. When I purchased, the two stores I looked at had a $20 difference in their RRP for the “starter kit”. Another store was selling for triple figures, so well over the prices of the other stores (which were, admittedly, introductory sale prices).

  3. Erm, yeah, Rick. That’s … um, what I was gonna say 🙂

    Also, both of you, you’re breaking my head.

    But yeah – it is very, very cool! And GREAT for ideas for Christmas 😀

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