A School Lunchbox Challenge Update!

It seems that whilst many ‘got’ and giggled at the mild humour and irony behind the 30 Day School Lunchbox Challenge, some didn’t.

That’s cool. Totally okay.

Yes, March does have 31 days and, yes, some of those days are, indeed, weekends, with a public holiday tossed in.

At Real Mums we firmly believe your parenting is neither immune nor separate from the Rest Of Your Life and sometimes Your Life affects your parenting and sometimes your children affect the way Life goes. It is for this reason we have structured the 30 Day School Lunchbox Challenge the way we have; because Life sometimes sucks and Plans sometimes go awry and sometimes Shit Happens.

(A fabulous example with perfect timing; this Challenge was supposed to be announced a full week or more ago, but, alas, Life and Plan Destroyers got in the way … because

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  1. OMG that makes it SO much easier! I shall print this and stick it up over the top of the 30 day squat challenge that I’ve been ignoring, and hope I pay more attention!

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