A Series of Unfortunate, Yet Common, Events

It all started with a need to have a discussion with the school.

So I advised my workplace that I would be working from home, knocked a few things off my list before I did the whole school thing, and Grumpy Pants and I did what we needed to do.

There were roadworks going on around the house, but that wasn’t too much of a bother. Except for the smell and the noise.

A wind picked up as we backed into the garage, and the positioning of the car at a particular point was just right for a lovely gust to enter through the driver’s side window, and out the passenger side, taking with it the box of tissues that sit on the dash and blowing it up the laneway.

I hopped out of the car, taking what my hands could carry, to retrieve the box. It was only a minute or two later that I found myself wandering around, upstairs and away from the garage, with the box still in my hands. I figured replacing it immediately was the best option, and I also had to grab whatever things I’d left in the car. Alas, Grumpy had locked it and it was no big deal.

What was in there could wait.

The day heated up considerably, and I got quite a bit of work done. This despite inadvertently pouring iced coffee down the front of my top. I really do wonder if I have a drinking problem, sometimes.

Communications with Grumpy were had to determine the arrangements for school pickup were made. Sadly, and far too typically, the hotness of the day caused drivers to be stupid, accidents and car overheating to occur, and he was stuck atop the Westgate Bridge. Again.

Not to mention the Urgent Customer, the one who decides they need his services RIGHT NOW or the world will end.

(This, I must add, is slightly better than the 2.00am phone calls we would get when we ran a wedding reception venue, because people HAD TO BOOK the night they were proposed to. Right there and then!)

As the clocked ticked towards 3.00pm, it was becoming more and more evident that I was going to have to do the pickup. Which was fine.

It was also at that moment that I discovered that I had left my keys in the car this morning, when I hopped out to retreive the escaping tissue box. Grumpy, of course, had his set, which is also our spare set. He was also an hour or more away from returning to the vicinity of home and/or the school.

A twenty minute trek, up a hill, in high-thirty degree Celcius heat to collect a child or two, whom, I might add, had already done a sizeable walk and a day of swimming due to end of year activities.

Upone arrival at the school, looking as though I’d walked through a storm, what with the sweat dripping from all bits of me, I was advised by a teacher that Chippie’s teacher needed my help because Chippie was having “a massive meltdown”.

Oh. Fucking. Joy.

It took some time to calm him down, as it tends to do. Then took some time for

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