A Sign of … Intelligence?

When one enrols children into a range of extra-curricular activities, one commits to a level of involvement.

This involvement will vary from family to family, and may range from sitting on the couch and uttering “Hey, don’t you have ballet/drumming/football/drawing/something class tonight?” to acting as a taxi/uber driver/chauffeur to being full-hands on, volunteering, being heavily involved, or doing the stuff for them.

With my three, it varies up a lot, too. With the older two, now being somewhat capable, and depending on the activity, at times it is “Don’t you have thingy tonight? Like five minutes ago?”

Other times it is, “Hey, where’s Monkey Boy/Godzilla?” only to remember that they had some activity and made their own way to it and we’d completely forgotten.

Such is the way things are.

With Chippie, what with him being still single-digited of age, much of it involves a good twenty minutes of discussing the merits of whatever activity it is he has at that time (to varying degrees, depending on which activity), culminating in “FFS, you’re going, you know

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