A standard day at the office

I commenced my day as usual, coffee pot on, computer booted up. Checked emails. Added anything new coming in to my to do list for the day.

Went on super long walk.

I feel good.

And a smidge tired.

Felt so good, I thought I’d even attempt being a good mum. I made jelly for the kids. Whipped it up and stuck it on the top shelf of the frige.

I feel good!!

Back to office to commence work, what with all this newfound energy I had.

Grumpy advises he needs to go to a meeting. Hmm, not bad. Actually got a bit of warning today. Usually he tells me as he’s walking out the door.

I’m feeling Good!!!!!

Getting through my to do list. Caught hold of someone on MSN. She’s writing letters for me. We needed to chat. I was getting somewhere.

I’m feeling GOOD!!!!!

Grumpy commences the leaving house routine. Collecting keys, saying goodbyes. I’m nearly finished, so I can watch the kids whilst he’s out, just gotta work out one very important piece for the letter.

“Bye, I’m going. Oh, and Monkey Boy just wanted to see the jelly and has poured it all over himself. See ya.”

What the ….?

Monkey Boy comes to my doorway. Covered from head to toe, literally, in unset jelly.

What the …?

“Its OK. It tastes nice” he informs me as he begins licking his pyjamas clean. Right after I’ve told him to take the bloody things off and put them in the wash.

I go into the kitchen. There is a puddle of jelly on the floor. And a trail leading to my office, where he has walked.

I commence cleanup operations.

I wipe the floor. Several times. After I make Monkey Boy wipe it clean. Several times.

I open the fridge. Oh f*ck! Its everywhere. I clean it up. In all fairness to Monkey Boy, he can’t reach the top couple of shelves.

Unless, of course, there is something up there that he wants.

Given the circumstances, I didn’t want him in there for any reason.

I yell at the kids a lot. Both of them. And return to attempting to sort things out with the letters.

Finally get them sorted.

Go to freezer to get something out for dinner.

Door won’t open. Pull harder. Door opens.

Someone, at the time of the Jelly Incident, had opened the freezer door to either: a) reach the jelly in the first place, or b) see how much mess it had made, and shut it again.

Jelly had got onto the seal, set and frozen.

Oh, for f*ck’s sake.

I feel like shit!

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