A touch of the good stuff!


Still feeling drained and crappy after my last week – not to mention I now also have a sore shoulder and two sore wrists. Why no one caputured the Thomas Tumble on video, which could quite easily have won me $10,000 or a new plasma TV, I never know.

Actually, I do know. It is because everything is going wrong this week. Anything potentially leading to me winning $10,000 is just not going to happen.

Grasping for anything remotely positive, I facetiously asked the Grumpy One if the new coffee machine we ordered had arrived. The one I was going to get sometime back in mid-April, then for Mother’s Day, then “in 10 more days”. Not their fault; the company they purchase from prefers to sell to big business and screw the small. Doesn’t do me much good though.

And he said “YES!”

But he was going to work. And paying for it. So I would have to wait a day. Another one. Not fair.

I walked the kids to school and he rang me to suggest meeting at the coffee shop and grabbing the machine.


So, I did, and he dropped it off home so I wouldn’t have to carry it on the pram.

I then set about figuring out how to use it … and in the process screwing the whole coffee making up, causing water to leak everywhere and resulting in week coffee.

*sigh* I wish my mind would return. Although I would like to blame the new machine.

Or that the world would stop for a day or so, just so I can catch up.

Not much use in having

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