A tragedy indeed!

The decision made and the new computer ordered, today was the day my box had to go in to have it’s files moved over to the new PC, and have a good looking at, scan and other techno stuff done to it.

A sad day indeed. Fortunately, only a day that I’d be without my computer. Surely I could survive. I could do that filing that’s been sitting there for … oh, quite some time now. What’s left of it, anyway, after Chippie got to it and ate some.

(I knew I had kids for a reason).

I took the box down, and left, mildly more distressed when I went in, as the new computer will be a day longer than anticipated. The something something wasn’t there and needed to be followed up. They handed over a valium and offered several words of encouragement and sent me off again, with a promise of a phone call as soon as it was ready to pick up.

I retreived the children from school – walking home in the icy cold, as it was far less painful than having no computer and having to do the filing.

As an aside, its amazing what you can find to do when all you are left with to do is the filing …

The children go about their after school duties of whinging, whining and doing everything but unpack their bags, feed cats, and put their shoes somewhere, anywhere but in the frigging doorway. The tragedy struck.

Godzilla, performing his unstacking dishwasher task, without whinging, whining, misbehaving or otherwise procrastinating, breaks my coffee pot! Totally accidentally.

His distraught look as he informed me prevented me from going into a rage, or falling on the floor and sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry, Mummy. I didn’t mean it. It just broke.”

And that it did ….

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