A very busy day

Argh! Why is it kids are so bloody cheery when they wake! It’s not fair.

It’s almost like they suck the energy out of you during the night, then taunt you with it all morning. At least until you’ve had your 3rd coffee.

Anyhoo, no time to dwell on this, I had a chicken cake to complete – that would be a mud cake in the shape of a chicken – then get organised for twenty people coming for lunch to celebrate the anniversay of Chippie’s birth.

Why do I do this?

Oh, yeah. I love a good part.

All organised, parts of my family arrived (expectedly) half an hour early, and Grumpy’s family started dribbling in onwards from half an hour late (also expectedly, but no less annoyingly).

Even Monkey Boy was miffed by this lateness, and kept commenting on it. I couldn’t help but pass a smug grin to the Grumpy one. Along the lines of “Yes, I’ve trained our first born well!”

Chippie, the guest of honour, decided to change his sleep times. Although, that’s a bit not quite true, because he doesn’t really have “sleep times”. Or he does, until you get used to them, then changes them. Like today, and decided to sleep at the times we had organised everything around for when he was usually awake.

And was then woken by noisy kids when he did decide to sleep.

Lunch went well, loads of food and tantrums from the nearly one year old when the cake was removed from his clutches after his third piece.

That done, it was time for everyone to go home, leftover bbq for dinner for us and … well, then I fell asleep on the couch, so no idea what went on after that …

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