A very clever child

Prep assessment ‘testing’ this morning, where, basically, we drop the kids off, bugger off for half an hour, leaving them in the capable hands of the teacher to do some literacy and numeracy testing.

Not comparing kids at all, just ‘testing’ to see where they are at.

So, we do the drop and head off for a bit, catching up with some other mums in the playground etc. No morning tea this morning in the staff room, but we were allowed to go and make ourselves a cup of coffee.

Week 3 and the standard is slipping already.

Our half hour up, we return to collect Godzilla.

“He’s very bright,” the teacher informs us. “I don’t know what you were worried about. He’s very clever. He even spelt the word W-E-E for me, and when I asked him what it meant, he told me. In explicit detail.”

“Using the correct anatomical terminology,” I joke.

Hahahahahaha we all say.

Godzilla decides he is hungry and heads off towards the staffroom for morning tea. I had to let him down gently, and told him that as he was so clever we would go home and write a letter of complaint to management.

And off we go home, chatting about the testing.

Like this .. “So, what did you have to do today?”


“What tests did you do?”

“Nuffing. Look at that car over there.”

And so on.

“So, did you tell your teacher what “wee, W-E-E” meant?”


“And … what did you tell her.”

“Aw. The one that comes out of your doodle and bagina.”

Ahahahahahahaha. Oh dear. Do I need to apologise for that one?

Perhaps we’ll overlook the letter of complaint on this occasion.

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