A very very tired Mummy

Despite not doing a great deal more than normal over the weekend, I was absolutely exhausted last night.

Didn’t even watch Grey’s Anatomy!

Hopped into bed with Godzilla at a later than normal hour – they conned Grumpy into being able to watch a movie – and allowed him to choose 3 books for me to read to him.

So long as one of them wasn’t anything about duck feet, nor contained the word “duck” in the title, I figured we were ok.

I got through the first book. I opened the second and read the first page …

… I awoke at 3am. In my bed.

With no recollection of how I got there.

I tried to piece it all together.

Grumpy informed me he found Godzilla wandering around the house, holding tightly to a book, and complaining I wouldn’t read it to him.

Then he found Godzilla lying asleep in bed with me, still clutching his book.

Other than that, he could shed no light onto the matter.

I asked Godzilla (which is stupid, because he’s three and the responses to any questions I ask are either “I don’ really know” or “I didn’ do it”)

“You fall alseep in my bed Mummy. You has to read me Sneetches in beaches.”

Still doesn’t explain much.

Aside from the fact I was very tired.

And I still has to read “Sneetches in beaches”

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