A what sort of cake? Cheezel?

Godzilla’s birthday. His 6th.

What fun the last 6 years have been. Challenging. Loving. Fun. Funny.

And just plain weird.

I like to call him quirky. Other’s don’t think so. And I do wonder who I’m trying to convince. Me or them?

Still, it’s been quirky, challenging, fun and funny.

Until last night, when I finally got around to thinking about his birthday cake for the gathering of family and friends this weekend to celbrate the anniversary of his birth. And asked him what he wanted.

A “Cheezel Cake” was the request. Damn. He’s been saying this for months and was hoping he would have grown out of it by now. Or forgotten. Or, at the very least, be able to explain to me exactly what a Cheezel cake is.

There was talk of cheezels on it. But also of it being made of chocolate cake. And some other unintelligible instructions along the way. Did I mention ‘quirky’?

I figured I’d think about that later, whip up a cake for school (No, I’m not making lolly bags as well!). Um, seeing as I didn’t do it last night.

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