About bloody time!


Weeks and weeks of saying “I love you” to him (well, all of them. Monkey Boy wanders off and says “mmmm”, Godzilla gives you a kiss) and he turns his head and walks off.

Or smacks you in the face with a train.

There we were, after craziness of day, him crying when he returned home from childcare and discovered he was in my care again, racing around doing the gymnastics / basketball thingy, home, burning dinner, bathing and … stop time … big kids in bed and Chippie and I on the couch watching Good News Week with a glass of wine.

Me, not him. I don’t share my wine with anyone.

“Luff oo” he says, and gives me a kiss.


The proceeds to headbutt me in the boobs and knee me in the vagina.

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