About Me: A Review

I have been pondering this blog for a long time, out of my sheer neglect of it. It – Diary – has been on my mind a lot. Daily. It has, over many years, been my saviour, an outlet for the things on my mind, and for my love of writing.

I know for some of you, over the years, it has been of some sort of benefit or other, too. I know this because you’ve told me. I appreciate you doing so.

Where I’ve found myself the last few months, other than “very busy” (and you know my thoughts on that) thinking about how Diary Of A Mad Cow started … and who I was when I was motivated to release it into the wild.

Reading over the About Me section on this blog, which has undergone a multitude of renovations, I am reminded how much I have done in the last, I think about 13 years – yeah, I was blogging before blogging was cool.

In fact, I was blogging before blogging platforms, like WordPress and Blogger and whatever else were even heard of in Australia. I’ve seen the changes that have gone on there, too … the technology and options and SO MANY THEMES now available, and the plugins, and the plethora of “How to blog” ebooks and courses and the like, followed by conferences and online arguments about the right and wrong way to do things … so much stuff.

Anyhoo, where was I? Oh, yes. Reading over the latest iteration of my About Me page, I am reminded of how much I’ve done, and how much I’ve done since that edit was done, and thinking I probably need to update.

What hit me most as I read it, though, was how I’m hanging on to the reasons I started it. How I so desperately want that to continue to be the guide for all that I write on here. Which is a bit odd, cos I haven’t always stuck to that guide … but then I do feel a bit like I’ve gone outside The Rules and feel a bit off, and then I spiral into a bit of confusion about who I am and what the hell I’m doing.

(That’s aside from my usual, daily Who Am I And What The Hell Am I Doing, and Does Anyone Know Where I Left My Pants/Coffee/Mind.)

From the current page – which may or may not stay, I haven’t decided yet – is this:

Diary of a Mad Cow

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