According to who's calculations?

The day started off relatively normally. Getting up, go for walk, have breakky, make lunches etc etc blah blah blah.

I had been invited to (another) Tupperware party, but wasn’t sure if I could make it or not. I would try …

… but my To Do List is now looking somewhat War and Peace so I probably shouldn’t …

We make it through the afternoon and the evening meal. I decide a relaxing bath is the way to go, telling the kids they have half an hour of play before bath time.

Water saving as well. I have a nice hot bath, and by the time I’m done, its perfect for them. And I don’t have to put up with “awwww, but you never let us play, how come you never let us play.”

Who says I’m not clever?

I almost complete a chapter of my book when the invasion starts. Godzilla hops in the bath (“Ow, is too hot!”) while Monkey Boy stands at the side playing 20 bazillion questions.

“Mum,” he enquires, “what are boobs for?”

“For feeding babies with” I responded hastily.

“No they’re not. They’re for boys to look at.”

“No they’re not.”

“According to my calculations, they are! I’ll even draw you a graph to prove it.”

Godzilla, in the meantime, is parking boats on my now rounded belly. Cold boats.

Monkey Boy

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  1. Actually I think he pretty much got it right. He’s quite the researcher.

    Either that or he simply avoided surveying gays, the elderly, children under 7 etc.

    In any case, I’d love to see that graph. You can post it at Freakedout Fathers if you’d like. I’m sure it’ll draw a modicum of interest. 😉

  2. See now, Pete is drawing the riff-raff over into your own space. I just had to chime in. Your son is on the right track. There is evidence that boobs are multi-functional.

    1. Milk production is not dependent on the size of the breast. This would indicate that breast growth serves another purpose.

    2. Human females do not go into “Season” like other mammals. Most mammals are dependent on pheromone to recognize when the female is fertile, man’s nose is nearly useless. We are a heavily dependent on sight. Therefore it is likely that we needed a visual cue to let us know when a woman is capable of bearing children.

    Based off of these two ideas, there is speculation that boobs are (as your son so eloquently put it) for men to look at. And since not all women have children and only a portion of women that have children breast feed, your son’s number of 15% is probably fairly accurate.

  3. Hmm, you both make excellent points.

    I was actually querying the remaining 45% that were missing from the said graph. I also suspect that the “men looking at boobs” figure, according the a correctly surveyed and appropriate market group, would, in fact, be 100%. And possible more.

  4. Good point.

    He did ask me some years ago if lady’s boobs were for their husbands to play with 😕

    Perhaps that fits into that remaining 45% also … Pete?? Jonathon??? Any comments??

  5. I wouldn’t mind playing with 45% of the boobs out there, but my wife says that would be innapropriate…sheesh

    But, I think that is an appropriate number

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