Today was disgusting, horrible drink day, followed by an hour of nausea before having some more blood removed from my body.

Yes, Gestational Diabetes Test Day.

And, with the added bonus of having extra bloods, due to some samples not being taken the first time, then lost the second time (when I had Godzilla in attendance, and the nurse succeeded in producing a blood geiser from my elbow whislt Godzilla watched in horror). So got to have those again.

Not sure what the best part of the day was. When I suddenly remembered that I had to have the drink at 8.45am, whilst I had two small children (only one of which was mine) looking at me saying “Is that yum? Can I try some? Can I try some? Can I try some? Can I try some?” and me trying very hard not to spit it at them, or vomit on them, whilst saying “GO AWAY!”

Or, the bit where the Grumpy one thought we were running late, and went around corners a little bit too fast, and made me want to vomit on him.

Or, where I finally got in, on time, and the nurse had trouble getting the blood out of me (unlike last time, but that was a totally different clinic), taking ages and having to do one vial twice, just to make sure.

Then leaving a nice little bruise.

Or when we got home, and I was happily working, when, quite suddenly and with no warning, my blood sugar plummeted and I had to go eat NOW! So, whilst making a sandwich, I was also stuffing down sugar laden foods to get me back up to normal.

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