Adventure Park Geelong Giveaway – Hurrah!

T’is stinking hot in Melbourne right now (for a few days, then we’ll be back to something akin to Artcic temps, before an overnight increase of 18 degrees a couple of days later; none of this gradual increase/decrease in temperature, just straight into it) and perfect for some fabulous water play.

And Adventure Park in Geelong is a fabulous place to be partaking in such fun water play and cooling down – I checked it out on Sunday, remember?

Besides, they have donuts!


They have also installed a fabulous new ride, called the Wave Swinger, which is rather awesome fun.

… and, of course … lots of other fun stuff you can do in and out of the water.

I have a Family Pass (or, technically, four tickets – which can be used for a family, or you and a few friends) to give away.

In the comments below, tell me, what mischief are you getting up to this sweltering weekend?


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I’ll decide who gets the 4 tix!

So … tell me … mischeif? This weekend? Will let you know about tickets next week 🙂

And on a final note:

Yep, it was FUN!

Visit Adventure Park online at or on the Facebook page

Oh, yeah, and your ticket gets you on all the rides, unlimited times! YAY!

11 Replies to “Adventure Park Geelong Giveaway – Hurrah!”

  1. No mischief unfortunately as MIL is visiting, not that she’s that bad! However she is coming from Geelong. Maybe we can chuck a swifty and lose her and head there while she’s here!

  2. This weekend we have Taekwondo grading, playdates with friends and a nieces birthday party. Along with the usual chores, gift wrapping and hopefully a smidge of alone time for a very stressed out mum.

    I might even run away to the movies again early one morning or late one evening depending on husbands back injury.

  3. This weekend I will be sitting in my spa (aka horse feed bucket), being waited on hand and foot (in other words the well packed eski will be right next to me), admiring the spectacular bodies of my man servants (… Yeah got nothing there, Mr 4WD is not exactly a member of man power!!) while my well mannered, perfectly behaved children (well they are when they are bound and gagged) play nicely together (well… Wriggling around on the floor trying to get out of their chains is kind of the same … Right??).

    As for mischief??? Me??? Never …. Lol!!

  4. This weekend we have 3 Christmas parties for my toddler daughter, she has more of a social life than I EVER did! Then Sunday night she goes to her dad’s and I get to recouperate with just the baby. I guess that should be housecleaning time and animal feeding time, darn it! Other than that just the usual of washing, dishes, kids baths, sweeping, picking up toys, and more toys, and more toys, hoping to clean the car (yeah right) and more washing (how many clothing changes does a toddler really need?)

    I haven’t been to Adventure Park since I was a kid in primary school! (about 25 years ago now, eeeek!) Would love to take my two daughters! We have a friend in Geelong which we are waaaay overdue to visit and this would make an excellent weekend! Crossing my fingers to win, please, please please PUH-LEASE!!!!!!

  5. PS…. your blog ( I get it on email) is sooooo refreshing, so sick of the perfect mummies, who are soooooo sympathetic, it’s good to know another mum can be driven to madness and say it like it really is! Not saying you’re mad! But thanks!

  6. I let the kids go nuts with the hose outside during that ridiculously hot day! Technically they were ‘watering the garden’, in reality they were having a blast. I’d love to go to the Geelong Adventure Park. We will be babysitting/cowsitting the inlaws farm out that way this summer and it get’s really hot out there. A day trip to the park would be awesome.

  7. We try to allows do something that includes water. That’s why we joined Nippers. Beach, backyard hose/sprinkler, anything that includes being together and making the most of summer. We’re always trying to create a sentimental summer because, let’s face it, it’s the best time of the year.

  8. I went on my very first Winery tour – I’m not much of a drinker and I certainly don’t like wine but it was the work Christmas party and nice lunch, pretty places to see and no kids for a whole day meant I was there baby!!!
    I tried everything and shared nicely with my co-workers (every time it tasted like vinegar). I have discovered that I am a wine snob because the only one i “liked” was sparkling Chandon.
    Finished the day at a Christmas party with the family singing Christmas songs raucously and making up dirty lyrics with the other mums

  9. Oh, man, you guys make it tough.

    I’m sorry, I’m going to have to go with Leighta … although, perhaps I should add a condition that we want the drunk photos? Whatcha think? Should we impose that on her? I think so.

    Leighta, I will email you shortly.

    And thank you everyone for enlightening me about your fabulous weekends! Am so pleased mine are just as special!

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