Ah, kids perceptions. Aren't they a laugh? Not.

Wednesday. The day Grumpy Pants buggers off to work, Monkey Boy gets picked up for school and I walk Godzilla to kinder.

I do my usual, MUG of coffee first, emails next, yell at everyone to have breakky, and eat my own breakfast (or, at least, that which I can salvage from the vermin, aka children, that keep stealing it from out of my mouth) whilst I make school and kinder lunches, top coffee up and organise school and kinder paraphernalia.

Getting dressed is last on the list, and occurs between Monkey Boy getting picked up and me taking Godzilla to kinder. Whilst downing my last dregs of coffee.

Answer the door, pyjama clad, to child picking Monkey Boy up, all the while yelling at Monkey Boy to hurry up, his lift is here, and was asked “How come you sleep in every day?”

It was all I could do to prevent myself knocking his teeth out!

Need to beat that attitude out of him before he marries some poor, unsuspecting woman.

Happily waved them goodbye, did the whole rest of the day thing, and went, as a family, to the Christmas carols up the street. Just of a bit of fun.

Fun which consisted of my two children repeating, loudly and incessantly, “I’m hungry, I want something to eat!”. But only while the carollers where carolling. Not at any other time.

They then located the stash of chocolates being handed out as prizes, and helped themselves to a few.

Santa arrived, and they successfully swindled several handfuls of lollies out of him, too.

We then made the walk home, discussing the ins and outs, and the pros and cons of the various Santa’s appearing in shopfronts – whether stuck to the window, painted on, or as a manikin dressed as Santa.

“Why is that one so fat?”

“Why is that one wearing shorts?”

“Why is that a skinny one?”

“How come his hat doesn’t have a white ball thing on the end of it?”

And, finally, when we came across Santa, lounging on a deck chair and reading a brochure on Hawaii, in the window of out local travel agent, “What’s that Santa doing? I think that’s inappropriate behaviour for Santa to be doing that!”

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