Ah, nope … THIS would be reality

In my overwhelmed, sleep deprived and ravaged breasts state, I completely forgot about the whole “normality” of our life.

Yup, school day today.

This required a military-like, precision timed mission, whereby I had to ensure Chippie was awake at precisely the right time to ensure he was well fed, but at a time far enough removed from his last feed so that he wouldn’t be demanding one on the walk to school, and enough to time to prepare the school lunch.


We were out the door not only 5 minutes earlier than usual (ie on time), but completely organised, nothing forgotten and everyone behaving.


Of course, we ended up arriving at school late, due to the necessary stoppage along the way for people to check out the new addition and make lots of “ooh” and “ahhh” comments.

Then had to take Chippie into class, schedule a time when he was available for a Show & Tell Appearance and play a bit of Baby Pass the Parcel (while I caught up with some friends).

Got back home when pain in the belly kicked in and had to send Grumpy on a mission to procure some panadol. Make it panadeine. And get some Voltarin while you’re at it. Is endone available over the counter?

Which he so lovlingly did.

Four hours later!

Managed to catch up on emails, send a few out, check out some forums, feed Chippie, eat lunch and field the “is your

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