Ah, relaxed and refreshed … and ready for a holiday

I hate that moment you realise you are no longer on holiday.

For me, it usally hits me when I look at the two suitcases sitting just outside the laundry – usually the two largest ones, the ones that can hold a small African elephant and an adolescent rhino respectively.

They’re sitting outside the laundry because they are full, and I’m mean stuffed full, of dirty clothes. Clothes which appear to have bred overnight while you took a well earned rest after your holiday.

And you always need a rest after a holiday!

You sort the washing and put a load on, and when you go back to hang it out the clothes appear to have multiplied again and taken over the laundry.

Sit down to do some work … ah, so much less stressful and much more relaxing than a long car trip wtih 3 children and a grumpy husband …

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