Ah, therapy …

We missed our “usual” family day today.

You know, where Grumpy Pants and I decide we’re all going to hop in the car and head off on a fun and adventurous road trip somewhere, laughing, smiling, bonding with the children and singing Partridge Family songs …

(I don’t even know who the Partridge Family are, but I heard tell of them once upon a time, in a sentence that made me think of happy, smiling, laughing, bondaged families. Yes, the Partridge Family made me think of bondaged families .. I have no idea why …)

Instead, I was playing with a product one of my PR contacts sent me, and was going to forward them to a friend and her children because a) her children are girls and b) she hates craft and it would be funny … so I invited her and her girls over instead. I told her it was because I wanted to witness her misfortune personally, but, really, I just didn’t want to miss out on anything.

I hate missing out on stuff.

Godzilla joined us, as I do believe he suffers a similar level of Don’t Wanna Missing Outness as I do. It’s horrific.

So, we ripped open a couple of packs of Blingles

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