Ah, yes, now I remember

Awoken several times during the night: snore, fart, dodgy cough from toddler, snore, snore, fart, dodgy cough, dodgy cough, fart, fart, super loud fart … and repeat, then, finally at 6.23 am with Middle Child popping in for a cuddle.

Flew out of bed at 7.30 when recalled the meeting I needed to be at an hour later, showered, Monkey Boy answered door whilst I was still in a towel with my bedroom door wide opened, allowed other attendee of meeting to enter as I squished his fingers in the door frame trying to grasp a teensy vestige of modesty.

Wander up to venue for breakky meeting, come home and take in the mess that is overnight suitcase and bags and additional paraphernalia from trip.

Present kids with the vintage Coke yo-yos that I’d got my hands on, including the one for the toddler that Coke Dude, god love him, had gone out of his way to acquire for me, because he (not me) decided I couldn’t take only two if I had 3 kids.

Because the toddler needs a yo yo.

Being vintage, they worked really

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