Ah, yes, that would be with my brain which is … um….

Forced yesterday to explain to another school child that I’m going to have to cancel the play date that I’d oranised between him and Monkey Boy, which started initially with Monkey Boy being an arsehead and I was gonna make him tell this kid. It finished with me remembering (ok, being reminded) that Monkey Boy has a gymnastics competition this afternoon.

And I’d forgotten. Despite the entry in my diary, my phone calendar and the note stuck to the whiteboard. Which now has “kitten” written on the shopping list alongside “my bum”. Neither of which I can determine is for human consumption or as a pet.

I also received a phone call yesterday afternoon from a long lost friend, who happened to be in Melbourne and could we catch up. Recall conversation with The Favourite Uncle last week and his request to take the kids to the Zoo, so suggested we just all meet up there and head off for gymnastics later in the afternoon. It’s only up the road. Plenty of time.

Much organising partaken in during the morning to get everyone organised so we could all meet

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