Ah, yes … that's it …

Godzilla wakes early.

I think perhaps it is due to it being his birthday. It is, instead, a headache and very low grade fever, that my Mummy Senses put down to the fact that he is lying in bed with four others. That’s bound to hot you up.

I lie here, elbow in one boob, cold foot on my leg and small hand repeatedly smacking me in heaad, and make vaiin attempts to order memory into some kind of structured thought so I know what I have to do today.

“Mum,” whispers Monkey Boy. ‘What did you get Godzilla for his birthday? WHere is it?”


I knew I was forgetting something …

4 Replies to “Ah, yes … that's it …”

  1. Ahh crap!
    Write some long confuzzling clues that lead to more confuzzling clues around the house so you have time to slip away while you’ve got him digging up the back yard for his birthday treasure

  2. When all else fails, hand him an empty wine bottle and promise him the K-Tel bottle cutting kit…or not.
    Hope you survived!

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