Ah, yes, Thursday night

The usual, hectic, chaotic and tiring Thursday, with running around like a bloody idiot and getting bugger all done.

I have, however, learnt to sit back and enjoy my post-swimming lesson coffee and not worry about the work I’m not doing.

I even managed, today, to brace myself for the seemingly required Thursday Night Tanty.

I was ready to sleep at 4pm (damn this fatigue) which was not good, as the afternoon session of swimming lessons was about to start. Godzilla was even too tired to go in, and to chuck a tanty, so he lay on the grass outside playing with his cards. Monkey Boy even behaved all lesson.

Went to get a family pie for dinner (because I decided I couldn’t be arsed cooking and deal with impending tantrums on the same night), but they didn’t have any so settled on 4 small ones. Grumpy home early – which was a lovely surprise – and the evening started off well.

No tantrums at bathtime, or while they were playing nicely. Even when they were asked to stop playing. I was amazed.

Until, there it was … just before bedtime. Grumpy, Monkey Boy and Godzilla were all up the other end of the house, where I could not see or hear them. And the cry came.

A loud, screaming cry. Godzilla, without a doubt, and highly likely something Grumpy said to him.

But wait … I listen again … no, its Monkey Boy. Unlike him.

I calmly stand and walk towards the sound, which gets worse. I pick up pace and find him lying on our bed, screaming and holding his knee, unable to tell me what happened.

Some Mummy Kisses & Cuddles were applied and he calmed down enough to hear my enquiry.

“What happened?”


Applied a Mummy look, that one that indicates I’m actually not an idiot and I know something happened and you were hurt as a result., andI’m guessing it was probably a stupid thing that you did that got you hurt.

“What happened?”

“No, I don’t want to tell you what I did, mum, coz you will just say that it wasn’t a clever thing to do and tell me not to do it again.”

Right … enquiries continued … and it was established that he had attempted a pole vault over the end of the bed using, but of course, the cardboard inner roll of a roll of wrapping paper, which, subsequently, collapsed under his weight, ruining his pole vaulting height record and slamming his knee into the end of the bed.


“Hmm, um, well I don’t like to ask, but, was it a clever thing to do, and are you going to do it again?”

Some nights, I think I prefer the tanties.

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