All about me (for a change)

One thing I love about my family is that they are helpful when it comes to my business, and they’re really open about what they think of you. Incredibly supportive they are.

Why, only yesterday, I hopped on the Wii to do some Fit, with strict istructions they were to let mummy do her excercise and not hassle me to “have a go” whilst I was on there. Especially this week, as only managed to get back on earlier in the week, after 56 days since my last session. Whoops. And we ran into the neighbour in the morning and she asked me if I was pregnant because I’d put on a little weight.


The support I got was like having my own personal trainer. Or two. “You’re fat, Mummy.”

Yes, thank you, I’m well aware of that. Why do you think I’m on here giving strict instructions about not pissing me off?

“Hmm. Mum, you weren’t doing that right. See how the trainers leg is here and her arm is there. You don’t look anything like that.”

Oh, fuck off! “Yes, thanks again, your support is invaluable.”

And today, after a friend bailed on me for a coffee date, the family decided to join me on a walk to get milk. Always helpful, and today was no exception. More helpful, in fact, as Monkey Boy came up with a brand new bio for the articles I write.

All writers need a bio that briefly explains at bit about you. He’s so thoughtful and clever. This is what he came up with:

She is

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