All in a day's work

Phew, what a day.

Purchase of two birthday presents required.

A business meeting (at a pub).

A four year old coming over for a play after kinder.

A business colleague arriving from insterstate to reside with us for the weekend.

And organisation for a conference this weekend.

Hmm, nothing like leaving everything till the last minute.

Survived the day, which is quite surprising really, given that, being incredibly tired, I set my coffee machine last night, and was treated to one of the most insipid coffees I think I’ve ever had.

Successfully dragged out business meeting (like that was hard, it was at a pub!) enabling the Grumpy one to supervise two four year olds after kinder pick up.

Then managed to wangle dinner (at another pub) with business colleague and family – so got out of cooking dinner, too.

Things are looking up!

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