All in a Day's Work


I thought I was done with them, but the lovely Grumpy made some arrangement with the life insurance people, and I had to have some blood tests.

The very same ones I’ve had to have over the last six months, including the two tests that have now had to be done three times. No, they couldn’t use the ones I’ve had, they had to have their own, very special set of my bloods.


They had to be fasting bloods, too. Eek. I can’t go five minutes without food, let alone an entire morning.

Fortunatley, however, I received a phone call yesterday afternoon and could they come at 9.00am instead of 10.30am.

I talked them into 8.00am (thank goodness for kids! They gave me negotiating power enabling me to organise an earlier time).

Got the kids up and dressed. The phlebotamist turned up about 10 minutes early (hooray) and I had the kids organised, getting their breakfast, Monkey Boy assisting Godzilla, whilst I filled out the relevant forms.

We then did the drawing of the blood, where, halfway through filling one of the vials, Monkey Boy decided an element of stupidity was required and managed to spread Nutri Grain from one end of the kitchen to the other.

Then get upset coz Godzilla wouldn’t help him clean it up.

Leading to some question time, along the lines of “Well, which one of you was being the bloody idiot?” as we changed vials.

Stuff down a coffee (which was brewing nicely whilst blood being removed) and some toast, leave house for school and kinder, remarkably on time and go about my usual day.

Feeling like lots of walking this week, so do the usual walk to kinder pickup, have some snack (lunch for me), some quiet time and talk Godzilla into walking to school to pick Monkey Boy up.

Not easy, but some negotiation (read bribery or positive reinforcement, depending on which side of the fence you sit with that one) talked him into it. We even left a little earlier so as to avoid any rush.

Received a phone call just as we complete the 25 minute walk to school, requesting a live radio interview with me at 4.05pm this afternoon.

Sure, why not. I can manage that.

Oh bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger.

Then delve into 496 different explanations as to why “No, we don’t have time to play on the playground today” in the hope of finding something vaguely acceptable, and dragged kids out of school (still coming up with answers to same question) and rushed home as quickly as I could.

Arrived home with 3.7 minutes to spare before embarking on incredibly scary, live interview with Derryn Hinch regarding children and tantrums.

While my children where throwing tantrums down the other end of the house, then entering the bedroom requesting discussions with the person on the other end of the phone.

I don’t think so.

Still, got through it unscathed. In fact, I think I managed to get through the entire day unscathed.

And, all the Nutri Grain was off the floor.

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