All in a day's work

very early am. Waking every hour since I went to bed. Despite last minute checking that I had everything before I left home, I managed to leave my book behind, and some wearable undies for this morning.

Only have extra large, completely unsexy undies for post birth, which, in my current enlarged state, will not fit. Grumpy and I did make attempt to locate a supermarket in the area last night, but could only locate a Coles Express, which do not stock knickers of any sort. Why is this? Its the middle of the City. Surely I’m not the only one who needs to purchase knickers at 10pm?

Or am I?

Decided don’t like the middle name I have chosen. Argh! Is it too late to change? Nah, bugger it, will revert to original one selected.

early am Awake, again, to shower and get organised for hospital. Am very thirsty, but not allowed to drink anything. Not even vodka. Or water.

Would kill for a coffee. So suitably distract Grumpy from grabbing one to drink in front of me by telling him I won’t be happy if he does. Only, it was said in a much more hormonal, sleep deprived and caffienne forbidden manner and may have contained words like ‘testicals’ and ‘cut yours off’ and ‘you bastard’. But I can’t really confirm or deny that.

Off we go ….

Sometime later in day …

Arrive at hospital in time, along with some other, obviously first timer, in labour. She was smiling, so I laughed at her. It was an accident. Really. But she’ll get what I meant sooner or later.

Answered some questions, mostly

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