All in a day's work

Social engagments 1 and 2 out of the way yesterday, without incident.

If you don’t count Monkey Boy hanraguing our host about his smoking habits. Well, not so much the habits, but the fact he was smoking in the first place.

It’s a pet hate of Monkey Boy’s.

Baby brother, Godzilla, thought he’d follow suit, only hasn’t quite got the gist of what Monkey Boy is on about. So when Monkey Boy was asking for the hosts cigarettes – so he could throw them in the bin – Godzilla was asking for one so he could blow smoke out his mouth, too.

Coz that looked like a bit of fun.

I can see the trouble I’m going to have to deal with – I suspect sooner rather than later.

Had my radio interview this afternoon. Monkey Boy was so excited for me. And, being the quiet little intoverted soul that he is, he insisted on being in the background during the interview.

We attempted all acts of bribery and coercion, and even the excitement of listening to mummy on the radio wasn’t enough to assauge him.

So I locked myself in the walk in robe, hiding behind Grumpy’s suits whilst I spoke about the joys of working from home – foot held firmly against the door so no-one could enter.

Then off to our final social engagement for the weekend – phew.

Driving home from this one, we were subject to the alternating sounds golden oldies hits on the radio and Grumpy saying “what are they singing? I don’t understand what they’re saying? This isn’t music!”

And back to oldies music again.

Monkey Boy, fed up with not being able to listen to the CD of his choice, quite innocently asked “Mum, when is dad going to a retirement home?”

At which point, I nearly wet my pants. Damned pelvic floor.

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