All The Awards & School Dressups

Apparently, I deserve a Mother Of the Year Award. Again. Not just because I need to be chaperoned to Parent Teacher Interviews, to make sure I behave myself, but because of the things I do as I go about by life and parenting and stuff.

Last night was another example of this; it was a school disco, with a Logies theme.

Not only had I offered to assist on the night (I’m the new kid at the school, I need to make some friends), but also because in the combined history of the Logies and my Life, I have never watched, been interested in, or thought much about the Logies.

Some years, depending on how vocal and in my face the talk of the Logies is (yes, thank you Facebook for inviting me to join the conversations and telling me what all my friends are doing – do you even

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