All the help I need

Monkey Boy’s beletated school friends’ birthday party celebration is happening this weekend.

Someone brilliantly suggested I make him a Lego Man cake for this particular celebration. “Nah,” he had said a the time. “Just make me a round one and I’ll stick my Lego Star Wars people into it.”

But they persisted, explaining the reasons why his suggestion would not be a good idea, and that Lego people may go missing, or fall off or be taken by someone. “Go on,” the insist. “A Lego Man cake will be awesome. And it will be fun to make,” the say.

It will be made from four cakes. And three different coloured icings. It will require tins in the shape I don’t own. It will require some sort of piping creatitivity that I do not own.

Although this idea sounded fabulous a few weeks ago, now the time has come to bake such a creation, I’m

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