All the things to do and see a the zoo

Off to Werribee Zoo with the my cousin and family, p[iled into two cars (all the boys in one, and she and I in the other. Alone, childfree, and very, very tempted to drive as far as possible in the other direction!) and off we set on the 40 minute drive.

It was mildy disturbing, having a conversation that wasn’t broken up with “leave your brother alone” and “I don’t care if he looked at you” and “SHUT UP!”, but we got used to it pretty quickly and enjoyed the catch up we haven’t had in many, many years.

We arrive at our destination shorlty before 11 am and immediately get the “I’m hungry” that, to be honest, we hadn’t quite expected until we’d actually got in and the kids had seen the cafe.

Grabbed the picnic stuff, ate before we did anything else as we were all sufficiently incapable of dealing with another hour of “I’m hungry” and concerned about the wellbeing of the children should they continue.

Food consumed, we were then left with exploring the zoo and looking at the animals and reminding me of my incompetance at educating my children as Godzilla spotted a “Duck swan” (Cape Baron Goose) and we then hopped on the safari bus, where they all needed to go to the toilet, eat or were bored.

Chippie spent most of the trip climbing over everyone, attempting to steal food from the family in front of us and resorted to pulling the hair of one of them, and flirting with the family behind. None of which handed over any food.

More animal hunting after the bus tour, located a mini water play area where Monkey Boy promptly got soaked, and we head off to check out the Mansion.

Where they 4 boys felt the need to play Star Wars very loudly; quite apt in the grandeur of the mansion.

Chippie had finallly fallen asleep in the car on the 2 minute drive from zoo to mansion, where his pram couldn’t be taken in and was carried, alternatively, by Grumpy and I, waking when we were done and deciding he’d prefer to walk around the grounds. Or scream if picked up.

Chose the former in vain hope it would “tire him out”, except he kept wandering in opposite direction, causing me to walk twice the distance, chasing him, picking him up kicking and screaming (him, not me, although it was a close call on occasion) and setting him off in the direction of everyone else.

Having a fabulous time way behind everyone, he did a bit of exploring, the favourite being when he squatted down and appeared to be contemplating which particular leaf, twig or bug he’d quite like to devour, when he screamed in terror.

Racing over, I find him poking the eye of a dead bird covered in ants, and clearly not happy about the lack of response his pokage was getting him.

Eventually make it to the winery where they closed the doors as we approached. Unsure if it was because it was closing time, or they saw (heard?) us coming and felt closure was a better option.

Head home. Tired, hot, sweaty and smelly and attempt to shower 9 people before bedtime.

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