That's enough crap for today …

After Godzilla tried on his “my tummy hurts, I feel sick” trick last night because he couldn’t be arsed going to basketball due to overtiredness from having a disgustingly late night at a sleepover on Saturday night, I made him go to bed early.

After, of course, we went to basketball, cos there was no chance I was gonna miss an opportunity to get on the court and pretend I’m really awesome at playing the game. Um. Just saying.

He wasn’t much chop, moping around and getting in my way of having fun. Was, thus, much annoyed that when we arrived home he commenced the consumption of his evening meal, a behaviour which was in complete contradiction to the stomach hugging, moaning, whining he was doing only moments earlier.

So, I made him go to bed early. Partly because I was very annoyed he spoilt my opportunity to be basketball superstar, and partly because I had to go with the “you’re sick, so you have to go to bed early” thing. He did. With mild rejection of the concept, but not much.

This morning, he was chirpy as ever, no pain in tummy and ready to go to school. It must be nicer there than it is at home. With me.


(Have slight complex about this, as Grumpy’s leaving early also means I get to deal with “where daddy” from Chippie every 35 seconds)

School dropoff and the fun starts!

Chippie decides he wants to go on a train. I have the pram, because you never know when your toddler who is incapable of walking – it appears he can only run – may just decide he’s going to sit in it for

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