Almost a Super Mum

Day 4 of back to school. We’ve got the hang of the morning routie – they know what they’re meant to be doing, but don’t do it till they’re asked, then get sidetracked, don’t do what they’re asked, get yelled at and we get out the door on time, slightly rushed, lunches made, book bag forgotten and gone back for and we’re off!

We are rockin’!

First day back at swimming lessons, Grumpy home so offers to take them, but it’s really hot and I’ve been working all day so take this opportunity for a break and join them. Herd them into the changerooms with some drama as they prefer to get neked and dressed for swimming right beside the pool. I don’t. Nor does Grumpy. So we won.

Lessons over and it’s back to the change rooms for showers (the fun bit was when all

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