Am I going insane?

Did the start of the day feed with Chippie, with oldest child in attendance as he so often is.

He insisted on giving cuddles and playing. Who am I to stop him? So off I went to do my thing while he entertained his baby brother.

I made my coffee, checked my emails, started on some work.

An hour or so (quite possibly more), I hear the baby crying.

What? Already? He hasn’t been asleep long enough. I only just fed him and put him down. He can’t be hungry yet! Surely?

Oh, wait. Um, whoops.

I forgot. Haven’t actually put him to bed yet, have I? Hmmm. Ok will do that.

Back to work and politely suggest to children that they “go and have breakfast”.

Several times, and stated as necessary.

Anyway, I’m sure that’s what I said. I must be going insane, because, apparently and judging by the actions of the children after each request, what I in fact said was “run around the house like bloody idiots and ring the door bell incessantly”. I must have. But I don’t remember saying that.

I repeated myself again, although more along the lines of “GO and have your breakfast NOW”.

Again, my mind must be going, because what appears to have come out my mouth is “Continue running around like idiots, and while you’re at it, how about jumping off the stairs and landing with a thud”

Luckily, at the end of the day, as we were quietly sitting and watching TV, I had Godzilla to keep my mind updated.

“Mummy. Pizzas don’t grow on plants,” he informed me, quite seriously.

Well, I couldn’t argue with him.

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