Am I insane yet?

Back to school. Someone else can deal with him, although I’m pretty sure that they didn’t teach him this latest version of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Or maybe they did.

Day at home with Godzilla, who went off to play trains happily by himself. For about 2 seconds then got bored because he was actually allowed to play with them uninterrupted.

Then the computer went. Just turned itself off. Hmmm. And it wasn’t Godzilla this time, for a change.

Turned it back on. It turned itself off. On again. Off again.

Ah, will just leave it for a bit, do some of that parenting stuff with Godzilla, because I can’t get done the work that needs doing while the computer keeps turning off.

(I promise, it was a quick job, then I was gonna play with him. Stupid computer made it take longer than necessary)

“Hello, sweetie. What are you doing?”

“I’n doin puzzles.”

“Would you like Mummy to sit down with you and do some, too.”

“No fank you. I like to do it by mineself.”

Hmm, right then.

Do dee do dee do do do.

Oh, alright then, I’ll scrub the frigging toilets.

Stupid computer.

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