An Ambiguous Parenting Moment

Sitting around at that moment in the late afternoon which is a nothing moment; that void between the immediate after school activities and dinner preparation, where there is little time to actually do anything, where it is pointless to embark upon a new activity as you know you’ll have to stop it ‘shortly’.

So, we were just … sitting around.

I get up from my seat, stretch my arms above my head and mutter “My abs are sore” to no one in particular.

Without missing a beat, Monkey Boy enquires “Aren’t they called ‘flabs’?”

Grumpy Pants nearly chokes on his cup of tea whilst simultaneously snorting some out of his nose as he laughs. Then hi-fives Monkey Boy.

I’m left unsure as what to do, nor how to handle this moment.

Should I take offence?

Or feel proud at the speed of this clever comeback?

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