An Easter Apocalypse?

Having successfully performed pre-Easter Bunny duties on Thursday evening, which was pretty much ensuring I had some moments to myself to escape the house and return without any highly curious and questioning children pouncing on my as I returned, I thought we were pretty well set for Sunday morning.

I had not, this year, as I have done every year previously, over purchased in the chocolate department and was relatively conservative.

Yay to me.

However, it transpired, over the course of the ill-named Good Friday, that we were rapidly running out of such items as milk and bread and pasta. All staples in our house, and the lack of such items can cause much trauma and tantrum for all involved.

Also, as our holiday activities have been somewhat limited by various factors, with the exception of Monkey Boy who managed to organise all kinds of outings and events for himself, our main activity appears, yet again, to be Heading To The Shopping Centre. Or, as the case was this morning, Going To The Supermarket.

I generally do not go to supermarkets on a Saturday morning, although the times I have been whilst it has been busy, relatively speaking, it’s not been overwhelmingly so.

I also made the hideous mistake of bringing children along with me, because it appears

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